Megan Riann

About Megan Riann


Hello! My writing journey has been a winding trail in the woods through many years of Harry Potter obsession, fan fiction, fuzzy notebooks, and kitties stepping on keyboards. I'm so glad it eventually led me to you. 


I have a deep passion for telling stories, which led me to theatre and learning Spanish (¡Lo he estudiado por seis años y contando!) I’ve traveled to China and Argentina, and it’s sparked a huge love for international traveling. God has made such a wonderfully big world, and I intended to see as much of it as I can.

Speaking of story, I come from a family of movie-watchers. My favorite movies feature a Spaniard looking for a six-fingered man, a genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, and a boy who never grows up.

I am majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Professional & Technical Writing and Spanish. I’ve won several regional awards for my writing, and I've been included in two published short story anthologies.

I’m currently working on young adult fantasy novels, which you can learn more about on my BOOKS page. I'm excited to share the journey to publication with you!

I’m also a super active member of the writing community, especially on Instagram, and I love sharing what I’ve learned. One of the great parts about this website is it allows me to put all sorts of resources for both WRITERS and READERS in one place! 

I'm excited to have you here! Please feel free to CONTACT me at any time. Xx