Writing Resource Library

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Writing can often feel like a solitary occupation, but you're not alone! There are so many resources and communities here to support you. I've gathered some of my favorites here!

My Resources

This video goes over my tried and true methods of brainstorming what comes next in your story.  It's perfect for drafting new content or figuring out what steps to take to keep driving your plot forward.

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Create An Author Website

Looking to build your author platform and reach readers? Want to share your resources and get people invested in your writing journey?

AUTHOR WEBSITE BOOTCAMP is exactly what you need.

I had no experience with Wix and no concept of how to share resources or build a newsletter. With this self-guided course, I learned all that and more. It was all designed by an author for authors. (Yes, even us unpublished ones!)


I am SO proud of this website, and I couldn't have done it on my own. I can think of no better investment than this course. It's the perfect way to take your author brand to the next level.


Fav Writing Swag


"From the Library of" customizable stamp. I put mine in all the books that are keepers.


Blue-light glasses help sooo much with eyestrain that comes from staring at a computer screen.


Storiarts creates adorable writing gloves from a variety of classics. My always-cold hands love them!