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Secret Project

Young Adult Fantasy

Current Status: Editing & Query Prep

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"Cakebox Baby" & "Felicidad"

300 Days of Sun

Current Status: Published & Available

In May 2023, the literary magazine 300 Days of Sun published two of my poems in Volume 2, Issue 4: "Cakebox Baby" and "Felicidad." Both examine the stories behind names and their meanings. 

Project Flight
Project Secret

Project Flight

Young Adult Fantasy


There is nothing Azaleanette loves more than the feeling of the wind beneath her wings. In two months, she will come of age in Avoren society, which includes becoming the mate of her childhood friend and accepting one of the most desirable--and miserable--jobs available. She knows her future as surely as she knows the grace of the Sky. 

When Azal is sent to put out one of the mysterious fires at the edge of the forest, she flies into a human-made trap. However, the human prince frees her. To avoid a debt to a human dragging her from the Sky, she allows the prince to leave the forest unharmed.

News spreads of her act of mercy, and Azal is condemned by the community that raised her. Her only hope is to accept help from the same humans that have decimated her culture, even when that means pretending to court the prince she despises. As Azal fights to survive in a foreign culture, she faces threats from prying nobility, age-old prejudices, and even her own proud people. To start the new life she so desperately needs, Azal must overcome betrayal and fear while caught between opposite sides of a brewing war.

*Photos taken from Pinterest for inspirational purposes. If you are one of the artists and would like your work removed from my site, please contact me here.

Current Status: Querying

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I feel as if I'm right there!

 I feel as if I’m right there, flying in the sky with Azal, venturing through town, or experiencing her pain and betrayal. It makes me want to visit this place you’ve created so bad! -Project Flight Beta Reader

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